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WARNING: Explicit Content Ahead...


Steve’s journey to geekdom began in the early 70's listening to the Doctor Demento radio show and watching episodes of “Doctor Who” on PBS. A career interest survey led to an Explorer Post at a local radio/TV station in Oklahoma City and a position doing cue cards for the studios in Hollywood.

A love for “Fringe” led him to the world of podcasting and a desire to talk about the shows he loves. Steve began podcasting regularly in 2013 and has co-hosted the following shows – Elementary Podcast, Sleepy Hollow Podcast, Orphan Black Podcast, Warehouse 13 Podcast, Defiance Podcast, Falling Skies Podcast, Fans of SHEILD Podcast, Wayward Pines Podcast as well as guested on the Grimm Podcast and Arrowcast on DVMPE.

He is also the co-host of the Pod Doctors, a Dr. Who podcast, The C-Word Podcast, an Orphan Black podcast, Felix's Helixes, an Orphan Black Podcast on South Gate Media, Witness Prophecies a Sleepy Hollow Podcast and Radio Static a Frequency Podcast on Golden Spiral Media, SyFy Talk on the FanGirl Zone and Wayward Pines Podcast, Sports Night and the Lone Gunman on Hollow9ine.

Besides attending comic-cons, Steve’s current hobby is traveling the world, having taken trips to Ireland, Scotland, England and Italy.

Hollow9ine’s Steve