Hollow9ine’s Liz Joplin


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WARNING: Explicit Content Ahead...


Liz Joplin was born in Austin, Texas 20-something years ago with a big, loud mouth and an imagination to boot.

She got into podcasting in January 2014 with another podcasting production company and soon after realized that she had a hobby where she could discuss, obsess, and dissect the things she loved to her hearts content. In December 2015, she joined with Dave ‘The Klone’, Shawn ‘Fangirl S’, and Steve Slayer to form Hollow9ine where she could have more freedom in her podcasting content and stretch her limits to talk about topics beyond television and film. She currently hosts the HorrorCast and contributes to other podcasts such as the Man in the High Castle, Stranger Things, and Welcome to Westworld.

When she’s not podcasting, Liz enjoys writing, going to the movies, and playing with her three-legged cat, Parker. She hopes of becoming a successful writer living in a Lighthouse on the coast of Maine.

Hollow9ine’s Liz Joplin