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WARNING: Explicit Content Ahead...


Dave "The Klone" Maresca was a noted and celebrated media guru in an alternate dimension, but through no fault of his own, and irreversible tragedies of science we here do not yet understand, he is now here...the CEO and Founder of the Hollow9ine Network, Inc...a podcast network and platform for fans of high concept sci-fi, drama, films, TV and streaming service programming. 

Under the direction of Dave, Hollow9ine’s latest endeavor is into the world of Audio Drama with their first original production "Tangent City", which features his dramatic writing, sound design, editing and original music skills, as well as the talents of several members of his network and the acting community.  He is an admin and friend of the founder of the Terror Firma Artist Union, and a generally jaded and cynical stand-up comic trapped in the body of a working stiff.

Hollow9ine’s Dave “The Klone” Maresca