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WARNING: Explicit Content Ahead...


Just Plain Cheryl is a Chicago girl through and through. No ketchup on her hot dogs. She began podcasting in November 2013 and has worked at two other podcasting production companies.

Now, she is very happy to have landed here at Hollow9ine. She is grateful to have found a hobby where she can hear herself talk, laugh, share her thoughts and opinions, build relationships, and find a creative outlet for her accounting-oriented brain.

Cheryl is passionate about historical fiction (Vikings, Spartacus, Knightfall, Damnation, the retired Beowulf) and pop culture shows. Her geekiness blossomed later in life but its in full force now. So far, she has contributed to Tangent City and The Damned Flock Podcast.

She is a stay-at-home divorcing mom of two boys. She is studying geology and early elementary special education, hoping to return to the work force soon. For now, she works extensively with her PTA and volunteering at the school and civic and not-for-profit groups targeting children, families, and those in need.

Hollow9ine’s Cheryl